1&1 Hosting Support is Crap

I’m sure most people know this already but I’m going to have my own rant.

I transferred a few domains I’d bought into 1&1, every single one had a ‘domain registration error; next to them in my account, the DNS was still pointing to the previous host, I had requested the DNS was changed to 1&1 upon transfer but this didn’t happen, I reset the DNS to point to 1&1 and waited 48 hours and still it wasn’t pointing to 1&1.

A few emails went back and forward with 1&1 support, basically them telling me to do what I had already done despite me telling them I’d done exactly that in my first email to them, eventually they told me they had to escalate it to another department, I phoned support and asked to speak to that department and was told I could only email them, I emailed them many many times with no reply, that was the last I heard of it, that was in January 2011.

To fix this I basically had to cancel the domains from my contract and request them again, but this involved me having to change the registrar at Nominet as cancelling them made them have no registrar assigned, so £12 just to get them to point to the right place, after I’d already paid the £12 to have them transferred to my name at Nominet in the first place!

Recently I transferred another two domains in to 1&1 and have had the exact same problem, first line support reply stating they can’t see any problem and to send screenshots, so send screenshots showing the error message next to my domain and also a screenshot showing no DNS settings, I mean how bloody thick can they be that they can’t see this? They also tell me to check the whois records of a .org.uk at Internic?!

So basically after me asking them if they actually read my emails they have escalated it to the non existent department, whom I don’t expect to get back to me anytime this century so I’m left again with having to pay another £12 just to be able to use my domains, I’m thinking of sending them an invoice for these £12’s that keep adding up and then issuing county court papers when they don’t pay them!

So I suppose this is a post to ask for recommendations on hosting providers, with over 200 domains it’s a process I’m not looking forward to doing though.


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    I used 1&1 many years ago and they were useless back then.

    What I do though, is have my .uk domains registered at Fasthosts and point them to my hosting at dreamhost.com.

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    Yeah I have a small number of domains at Domainmonster and have just pointed the DNS to 1&1, this is the only time I’ve had a problem with 1&1 but thing is it’s a major problem when they just don’t respond.

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    Darren, I feel your pain ! My 1&1 experience culminated in a ‘Technical Support’ (sic) guy contradicting himself in the most humiliating manner, after a 48 hour delay. Game Over ! 😉

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    I’d be interested in who you are going to go for? I’m researching who I should be using but people rarely publish good things about the companies.

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    Ashley I’ve gone with http://www.ezpzhosting.co.uk I read some good things about them and was surprised at their pricing too.

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