Another Niche Site For Sale – Arsenal Fans?

I’m looking to sell on this nice little niche site in the Gift Experience sector, one for the Arsenal Fans maybe?

There are two sites in this sale, and also

The first site appears at number 3 in Google, and quite often flits between position 1 and 3.

The income from the sites has been as follows:
2008 – £1226.49 (inc PPC)
2009 – £1275.04 (inc PPC)
2010 – £590.14 (NO PPC)
2011 – £403.12 (NO PPC)

I was trying to figure out why the earnings were so high in the first two years then I remembered I use to have them on Adwords!

One of the sites uses Easy Content Units and the other is just affiliate links added in the code, both sites are pure HTML sites.

These are the traffic stats for emiratesstadiumtour: (over 300 uniques so far in Jan 2012)

The emirates-stadium-tour site gets around 20+ uniques a month, so as you can see the main site is the non hyphenated version.

So all in all and with 4 years proven income I’m looking for £500 for the site.

Any questions just ask 🙂


  1. Good luck with the sale Darren! Stop tempting me 🙂

  2. As an Arsenal fan I should at least ask how much you want? I would 8-2 miss out on this.

  3. avatar

    Joe I was after around £500 for it.

  4. What are the trademark implications of this Darren, do you know? Also, do you still have a list of the PPC keywords that you used? 🙂



  5. avatar

    No idea about the trademark issue, not heard anything in the 4 years I’ve had the site.

    I probably do have the PPC keywords, but they would have only been Emirates Stadium Tour(s) exact match phrases

  6. Hmm, I’m interested, but knowing me the earnings will dive-bomb to zero once I get the site, if I bought it. Not sure the TM issues are necessarily an issue then if you’ve not had any problems within the last 4 years…

  7. Best of luck with the sales, I would say there is probably going to be a major trademark issue though, unless Emirates buys them from you haha!
    There might be a risk with making a sale out of it because your drawing money from the name of another business.

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