Another Niche Site For Sale – Arsenal Fans?

I’m looking to sell on this nice little niche site in the Gift Experience sector, one for the Arsenal Fans maybe?

There are two sites in this sale, and also

The first site appears at number 3 in Google, and quite often flits between position 1 and 3.

The income from the sites has been as follows:
2008 – £1226.49 (inc PPC)
2009 – £1275.04 (inc PPC)
2010 – £590.14 (NO PPC)
2011 – £403.12 (NO PPC)

I was trying to figure out why the earnings were so high in the first two years then I remembered I use to have them on Adwords!

One of the sites uses Easy Content Units and the other is just affiliate links added in the code, both sites are pure HTML sites.

These are the traffic stats for emiratesstadiumtour: (over 300 uniques so far in Jan 2012)

The emirates-stadium-tour site gets around 20+ uniques a month, so as you can see the main site is the non hyphenated version.

So all in all and with 4 years proven income I’m looking for £500 for the site.

Any questions just ask 🙂

Nautical Clothing Site For Sale

I am looking to sell my Nautical Fashion clothing site.

The site is built on WordPress and uses Easy Content Units to add the products to the site.

The Site currently ranks page 1 in for the following terms.

Keyword (Position)
Nautical Fashion 1
Nautical Clothing 4
Nautical Dress 3
Nautical Dresses 2
Nautical Clothes 1
Nautical Style Clothing 1
Nautical Swimwear 1
Nautical Style 1
Nautical Wear 4
Nautical Themed Dress 4

In 2011 the site made £218 broken down as follows:
Awin £172
POR £16
Ebay £30

Traffic Stats as below (average 1855 Uniques per month)

Nautical Fashion Site Stats

This is a site that has just sat there doing nothing really, just updating the products now and again through Easy Content Units.


How another Niche Site did in 2011

In February I bought five adult toy sites for £700, one of those was Magic Wand Vibrator

It took me a few months to transfer the sites to my own hosting and also transfer the affiliate links to my own so the sites were probably up and running around the end of March, so I’d say they have had 9 months of making me income, I’ve actually done nothing to these sites other than changing the affiliate links to my own and a tiny bit of on page SEO.

Magic Wand Vibrator has made £801.22 in 9 months, this is a keyword that Google Keyword Tool only shows as having 320 exact match local searches, proof again that you don’t need high exacts to make a bit of money!

In total those five sites have made £974.83 in the 9 months they have been up, so it seems it wasn’t a bad investment after all.

White TVs 2011 – Niche Site Income

I thought I’d do a little post on how the White TV site did in 2011 as it’s one of the sites I’ve posted about it’s earnings before.

For 2011 the site made a bit less than 2010, unfortunately, but still a decent amount for a little niche site, £1706.40 was the income for the site, a site which I probably updated about 6 times at the most throughout the year!

The average unique visitors per month was up on 2010 (2,957) at 3,018, Amazon was again the highest earner with £934.73 and Ebay bringing in just £305 this year.

In the post about 2010 earnings I mentioned I was in the middle of turning the site into a WordPress site, well I still am, to be honest I haven’t touched it since I mentioned it, it’s on the to do list as I’m sure it could make more than it does and should’ve in 2011 but priorities have been elsewhere.

So this post is just to show small niche sites can make small regular incomes still, for the 3 years I’ve had this site it’s made me £5057.12, not bad for a site I haven’t had to spend more than probably 1 day on 🙂

You can make some money from small Niches

Quite often you’ll see people asking on forums how many exact searches is enough to make money, the answer is not as straightforward as some think, it depends on the niche, the commissions available the competition to rank and also how much you are happy to be making.

There’s those that won’t get out of bed unless they are making tens of thousands from a site and there are those who would be happy with a few hundred and if you’ve got a few of those sites making a few hundred or more then that can add up nicely over the year.

So the point of this post was to just show a few of my smaller niche sites with exact match domains and the kind of exact searches they get and how much they have made so far this year (Jan – Sept 2011), unfortunately I’m not going to name the sites as it’ll be like shooting myself in the foot, I don’t want the competition, but i’ll tell you the industry 🙂

Niche Income

For me I’m happy with these kind of figures, mainly because I don’t rely on Affiliate Income to live, and the fact these sites don’t require much attention to them, small sites like this can cover a lot of your household bills and cover the cost of some nice treats too.