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Just recently I have been setting up some affiliate sites for other people (see here) , in the last four weeks, two of which I spent in Poland, I have made four sites and I’m working on 2 more now, but this then made me think “DO YOUR OWN” to myself, after all I have plenty of domains sat there waiting to be developed.

So this is what I’m going to do, I am also going to pick one, possibly and document the whole process of building it, getting it into the Search Engines, and then hopefully making some cash on it!

In April I attended an SEO Course at the excellent SEO Junkies, I think I’ve got a decent grasp of on page SEO and wanted to get more insight into Link Building, I had been using profile linking a lot and it worked but I wanted to know how to do the kind of Link Building you might do if Argos came knocking on the door, the course was great, it confirmed the stuff I already knew and gave an insight into a few other bits of SEO, when you’re at home working, learning things by yourself, you never know if what you know is right, so it was good to confirm some of that knowledge with people who do it succesfully every day for major clients.

As I am now working 3 days a week in my main job, I have more time to work on the affiliate sites I have and it would be nice to at least double the amount I make at the moment , fingers crossed!

I will start the ‘Building a Niche Affiliate Site’ series very shortly 🙂

White TV’s 2010 and misc stuff.

I know it’s almost March but I thought I’d report the final figures for 2010 for the White TV niche site, the trend continued since the October YTD update and the final profit the site made was £2215.43.

An increase of just under 100% on 2009, so if I’d actually sold it for the £2k figure I was looking for last March the new owner would have pretty much made their money back without even doing anything to the site, luckily for me I pocketed the money instead, it works out at an average profit of £184.62 per month. 🙂

I am in the middle of actually making the site into a WordPress site, and will actually make it a lot better in terms of the comparison prices with individual posts for each TV and hopefully it will increase sales.

The site received an average of 2,957 unique visitors per month, the highest income came from Amazon at £1172.71 followed by eBay at £548.15.

This is from a keyword with just 1,900 local exact match on it, when I see people answering questions negatively about if you can make money from a site/product with so little exacts it makes me laugh, it all depends on what the product is, one of the sites I sold just before Christmas only had exacts of 880 but made £3k every year.

I’ve set up a little group of Niche sites since January too, babydolls/ which sits top of Google for ‘babydolls’ already likewise with babydolldresses/ which sits top for that term too and babydollnightwear/ which is sitting in second, as you can imagine it was quite pleasing on the eye making those sites, they are seriously thin sites for now and have made sales so I can’t complain.

I’ve got a to do list with about 4,342,101 things on it, I’d love to post more often about how to do certain things and make this blog a bit more interesting but 1) I feel so busy and 2) I don’t do anything groundbreaking that you haven’t already read elsewhere 🙂

October update for White TV’s

I haven’t made a post for a while, I’ve been pretty busy updating sites and creating a new one, see here, it’s a gift experience comparison site, so I haven’t had time to think of what to make a post about, I just had a quick look to see how the White TV site has done since my last update for July and I am pretty pleased it’s still making some money, the year to date now stands at £1,673.73, so an increase of £517 in 3 months, for the year the average monthly income is £167.37, all profit!

Trafic is staying consistent as you can see below, I just hope the Christmas period sees the sales continue!

White TV Stats

An update on White TV’s

I just wanted to post a short update on how my site White TV’s had come along since I was unable to find a buyer back in March, now I wasn’t disappointed that it didn’t sell, nor did I need to sell it so I was quite happy to keep it going and not keep dropping the price as I knew it would continue to make money, or so I hoped anyway.

I’ve just had a look at the figures to the end of July 2010 and the site has so far made £1,156.00 for the year, which is already more than the whole of 2009 and still 5 months to go along with the Christmas trade 🙂

I know it’s not a fortune but I think it justified my asking price, if it keeps going as it is I’m hoping it will make over the £2k mark for the year and doubling 2009 income, this is all organic traffic, so apart from a portion of the ECU/hosting price it basically pays for a nice holiday or 2,000 items at the Pound Shop 🙂

Here’s an image of the traffic stats for 2010.


Niche site for Sale

For sale is my website

The site went live in Feb 09 and you can read here how it started, in my post I mention I couldn’t find many white TV’s but I just wasn’t looking properly and since added a lot more which is probably why the commissions increased in February.

In 2009 the site made £1135.29, So far in 2010 (jan-Feb) the site has generated £325 in commission, below are the stats for February, the site generates most of it’s income through Amazon.

The site is number 1 in Google for the terms:
“White TV”
“White TVs”
“White LCD TV”
“White LCD TVs”
“White Televisions”
“White LCD Televisions”

I am looking for £2000 for the site

Edit ** A few more stats/revenue figures