Here’s what I’ve been upto in July

So I know I said I was going to document the process of building a site but I’ve been too busy really to do that, besides a few people are doing that already, here and here.

I’ve been busy developing a system for myself to use to create affiliate web shops, whatever you want to call it, that integrates with WordPress, now I already use Price Tapestry alongside WordPress and have a few domains using Storeburst but I wanted something a bit more really.

Wordpress Affiliate Shop Script
I like the ease of Storeburst but I don’t like the front end so much or the lack of content ability, I love WordPress so it was obvious to me what I had to do, get it made!

So here it is, my demo site for my system Compare Sunglasses, and here’s a list of what I can do with it:
– Upload Datafeeds
– Set filters on the datafeeds to include/exclude keywords on Product Name/Description/Category
– Search and Replace words on the Product Name/Description/Category
– Menu can be by default merchant categories or bespoke menu within wordpress using a keyword
– Homepage categories can be defined and shows random products for that category
– Search results are viewable by relevance, price low-high, high-low, 16/32/48 per page
– If product names match they will ‘compare’ in a table, it also shows a little thumbnail because for things like Polo Shirts the same thing can be listed loads but in different colours so makes it easy to distinguish the difference in products
– If a voucher code is present for that merchant then it will appear on the product page
– If a voucher code is present for a merchant it will display on the homepage with a link to view all products for that merchant
– Category description can be added for each category

I need to tinker with the on-page SEO functions and then all that’s needed is fresh content to be added via wordpress posts! 🙂

I’ve also been getting hold of some new domains, it’s hard to stop buying them to be honest, some that I got are Volcanoes, and, it’s also getting frustrating not developing them all, there’s just no time and when I look at all my domains for ones to sell I can’t bring myself to get rid of any as I see potential in them all :S