Content Creation – You get what you pay for!

I started to outsource my content writing as quite frankly I am no good at it, I found a great content writer who advertised on the A4U forum and they have written some great content for me, I’ve even found myself enjoying reading some of the content about subjects you never thought could be interesting. I even believe some of this content is the reason why some of my sites rank as well as they do.

Sometimes i’m after content to be written a bit quicker, I can be impatient at times, so I took a look over at digitalpoint for some content writers, advertising for people with a good grasp of English, I’d get plenty of messages from people willing to do the job and the rates were silly, so I gave some a go.

Now there’s a big difference between understanding English and writing in English it seems, they can write English words but cannot make it flow in English very well, “The hat he wears is blue. The blue hat can be worn on the head”, the sctructure of their writing seems to be a lot of sentences put together to form some content.

There are also some very good writers on digitalpoint, I think it just takes a bit of trial and error to find the good ones, but given the choice of paying $4/100 words(ok) over £15/500 words(perfect) I’d rather pay more every time.


  1. Never been to this site before (not that I remember), but you just left a comment on my site so decided to have a quick browse 🙂

    I did start paying for content at around $1 per 100 words, then $2 etc etc until it worked out cheaper for me to write my own content. I was spending around £3.50 ($5) on an article which I could churn out in around 15 minutes. On top of that I was spending 5 minutes telling them what to write about and checking the article, which meant I was outsourcing 10 minutes of my time for £3.50 (£21 an hour) which at the minute just is not worth it.

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