Domain Addiction

I’m sure i’m not the only one, I’m sure most people in Affiliate Marketing are like it, but I seem to have an addiction with registering domains!

A few months back I had a cull of domains because I just had too many and thought i’d never get sites done on them all, so I sold a few and just trashed the ones I knew wouldn’t actually make any decent amount of money, I registered some that had around 50k local exacts but the products only cost a few pounds so the commission generated from the sales would have been peanuts and been very uninspiring.

Anyway back to the cull, I managed to get down to around 130 domains, but today I now sit at 174, more than I’ve ever owned! I need to stop now, I think i’ve got enough to be getting on with, when I actually think about how many domains I have to develop I think I’m going to have a panic attack 🙂

Anyone else the same?


  1. Cool photo! I hope to do that trip one day.

    Know what you mean about making enough money to relax by the pool.

    I have a pool but not enough money to relax by it!

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    Wow you have 174 domains and you are only a part timer? Perhaps that’s the reason why you havent made the transition to full time? It may be a good idea to concentrate on 1 or 2 sites at a time and not spread yourself too thin. Quality > Quantity especially post Panda. For the record, I’m a full time affiliate for 3 years and my annual domain renewal bill consists of 22 domains.

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    Over 200 now I think, you could be right, I often find myself thinking I can’t possibly do everything, especially with that many sites, but it’s not easy turning down domains you see potential in 🙂

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