Fitness Superstore Copied My Site

Whilst checking up on the rankings of my sites I came across a site which I hadn’t seen before which was similar to one of mine, I clicked through and was surprised to see that it was pretty much identical to mine, “You Cheeky Affiliate!” I thought, so I went to Nominet to check who had registered the domain and was surprised to see it was Bodypower Sports Plc, I’m already aware of them as I’d ordered stuff from them before myself.

To be honest I’m not too bothered about it, I actually find it funny that a company with a £19m turnover have to resort to copying sites.

Here’s the evidence: (click image to enlarge)

Fitness Superstore Site
Fitness Superstore Copied My Site

My Site
Bowflex Dumbbells

Fitness Superstore Footer

My Footer

You can see it’s an exact copy of the layout of my site, the menu layout, the image names are the same, it has the same YouTube video and best of all the footer is worded exactly the same as mine, which I worded myself.

So even the big boys copy other sites, thank you Fitness Superstore / Bodypower Sports Plc


  1. A back link for their trouble as well Darren, you’re all give give give this evening!

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    Haha yeah, I figured it wouldn’t matter too much giving them a link, also hope they see it 🙂

  3. Noticed your tweet last night. I’ve noticed some merchants are link building to out rank some of my niches sites that were doing well for them then close the program!

    That’s the thanks we get for sending them targetted traffic/leads/sales.

    But now if you are evil with the latest Google update you can get spam links to their site and it would most likely impact them, not saying you would or should do this but its all a bit crazy.

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    Hey Gary, yeah I don’t think Fitness Superstore ever had a program, I always wanted them on the site because they were cheapest for the product and I did sell a fair few of the product when it was available, come to think of it I may have contacted them about it, which is probably why they made the site lol

  5. I agree with some other twitter comments you’ve had, make contact and ask for compensation for copying your site, you are protected by copyright law. Although this is a hassle.

    Or Ask them to buy your site if they want to rip it off

  6. I know that it’s a good while on now, but it looks like they’ve changed their site now. I wonder who they’ve copied this time!

    You’d think a big company like that would be smart enough not to do something like this.

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    Nah their site is still the same, it’s not their main site, it’s a site they specifically set up for this product.

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