Google Adwords Bans

What’s it all about? There seems to be a lot of affiliates affected by the adwords ban, mainly due to sites quality scores dropping to 1/10, it takes some effort to get a reason from Google as to why, plenty of automated messages instead of to the point human response.

The main reasons seem to be thin affiliate/bridge page/whatever sites, which fair enough not many can argue about, but I don’t really see why Google feel the need to do this, if I wanted to advertise a thin affiliate site in a national newspaper or on the TV then I could (as long as I had the funds), Google could just let people fight amongst themselves whilst paying them a lot of money to appear in their sponsored listings.

I wouldn’t mind if I could just go to another search engine and use PPC, well I could, but it doesn’t have the same effect as Google, where I’d spend £100+ on Google adwords for that site I pay less than £2 a month on Bing, Google is ‘the internet’ to most users, people say if Google keep doing this advertisers will find somewhere else, but is that going to make a difference as it’s the ‘users’ that will still be ‘using’ Google for their search, they are the ones who would need to go elsewhere for Google to sit up and take notice.

Since my adwords account was banned I actually make more money, I’ve had to focus more on SEO so in a way I actually find it a blessing, but now when I’ve got a site that I know would do good with the help of adwords I can’t as I have no account, banned forever, I’m actually quite concerned about what else Google may do to affiliate sites, especially within the natural listings.


  1. The same thing happened to me I got banned from Google adwords but like you it was a blessing in disguise because there’s nothing more rewarding than making money through free traffic it takes a little longer with the SEO work and I don’t have as many projects on the go at once, but I don’t think anyone’s going to stop Google or get a good explanation why they ban some people while others doing exactly the same thing don’t have any problems. I think it may have something to do with money but who knows.

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