Google Instant: Is it really useful?

Everyone seems to be going on about Google Instant, how it’s going to affect affiliates etc, well as a Google search user myself this is how I see it.

If I want to search for something in Google I will just go straight ahead and type the keyword(s) and click enter, and I still will now, I don’t have time to stop and see what Google might suggest for me and I’m sure it will be the same for millions of other people, I’m also sure if they are doing a search they know exactly what they want to look for so will just go ahead and type the search phrase they want and by the time they look up from their keyboard’s Google will have suggestions matching exactly what they have just typed.

It doesn’t seem to have had any effect on where my sites are ranking for their respective keywords either, personally I find it more annoying than helpful, and that’s with my user hat on.

But, also saying that, when searching for some of my keywords, for example my Mens Polo Shirts site, it shows up in the results after just getting as far as mens p, so that could help me get the people who look up after every letter they type to visit the site, you never know, those searching for mens perm might want a polo shirt too 🙂


  1. Hey Darren

    I think Google Instant is pretty cool. It’s another potentially useful addition to Google’s already awesome arsenal of search engine developments.
    However, I think it will only be of any use to typists who don’t need to look at the keyboard as they do so, the ones who can keep their eyes on the screen as they type and I don’t think that equates to very many internet users, certainly not your average ones anyway.
    The auto-completing search field is good enough for me, I don’t need instant results.

    In other news, I’ve been trying to contact you regarding a domain name. It’s an exact .com of one of your sites. Could you perhaps email me at the given address to discuss?


  2. Good point there, Darren, so far it hasn’t affected my searches at all. If anything it has actually been an interference which has irritated me rather giving me anything else. I haven’t turned it off yet though because I want to keep an eye on it.

    By the way, have you spoted the little blue arrow yet? Now that could really change the game for PPC advertisers.

    Love your mens polo shirts site by the way!

  3. avatar

    Yeah I’ve noticed that blue arrow, just completely ignores the PPC ads to the right (until after natural listings), thing is that has to rely on people using the arrow key to go through the results, and knowing that you can do it.

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