Hello world indeed!

As the standard complimentary blog post was titled Hello World! I thought i’d start with that as it is the first post on my own personal blog.

Why have I started a blog? Well everyone else seems to have one so I thought why not, sometimes I get excited and want to tell someone about it so this may be my outlet to do that, I can’t promise to give any valuable information as I just do what I do and things happen and I don’t always know why. This is mainly related to my affiliate marketing activities, for example having sites that seem to rank top in google and others that don’t and not being able to pinpoint why this has happened.

I can’t remember too much about exactly how I got into affiliate marketing but it must have been about 7/8 years ago when I first came across it, I had bought one of those local county information portals and was looking of ways to make money from it and that must have been when it started, I remember the first sale coming through a friend buying from ASOS, I think it was about a pound commission but it still felt good.

Despite that I didn’t really do much more with affiliate marketing for a few years, my first proper site was selling Little Britain Dolls when I found out they were going to be a big Christmas seller, I registered littlebritaindolls.co.uk and the .com, put up a simple one page site and linked into IWOOT, If I remember correctly I made £115 that christmas selling the dolls and other Little Britain merchandise, from then I was hooked, it took a while for me to stumble across something else to promote though but these days ideas are never ending and now I have more domains than I can cope with, just like any other Affiliate I expect.


  1. Good to see another affiliate marketing blog.

    Are you now a full-time affiliate after so many years in the game or is it more of a side job?

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    No I’m not full-time unfortunately, I spent a lot of time just happy with the extra money that it gave me, I don’t make anywhere near enough to give up work, it’s only the months around Xmas that I make as much as my day job

  3. Good to see your blog. And it is always fantastic to read such inspirational posts. But tell me one thing, aren’t Amazon have now a cap on the commission of 7%.

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    I’m earning 4% on everything now at amazon, so on the Philip Arcitec’s it’s a few quid less on each 🙁

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