Here’s what I’ve been upto in July

So I know I said I was going to document the process of building a site but I’ve been too busy really to do that, besides a few people are doing that already, here and here.

I’ve been busy developing a system for myself to use to create affiliate web shops, whatever you want to call it, that integrates with WordPress, now I already use Price Tapestry alongside WordPress and have a few domains using Storeburst but I wanted something a bit more really.

Wordpress Affiliate Shop Script
I like the ease of Storeburst but I don’t like the front end so much or the lack of content ability, I love WordPress so it was obvious to me what I had to do, get it made!

So here it is, my demo site for my system Compare Sunglasses, and here’s a list of what I can do with it:
– Upload Datafeeds
– Set filters on the datafeeds to include/exclude keywords on Product Name/Description/Category
– Search and Replace words on the Product Name/Description/Category
– Menu can be by default merchant categories or bespoke menu within wordpress using a keyword
– Homepage categories can be defined and shows random products for that category
– Search results are viewable by relevance, price low-high, high-low, 16/32/48 per page
– If product names match they will ‘compare’ in a table, it also shows a little thumbnail because for things like Polo Shirts the same thing can be listed loads but in different colours so makes it easy to distinguish the difference in products
– If a voucher code is present for that merchant then it will appear on the product page
– If a voucher code is present for a merchant it will display on the homepage with a link to view all products for that merchant
– Category description can be added for each category

I need to tinker with the on-page SEO functions and then all that’s needed is fresh content to be added via wordpress posts! 🙂

I’ve also been getting hold of some new domains, it’s hard to stop buying them to be honest, some that I got are Volcanoes, and, it’s also getting frustrating not developing them all, there’s just no time and when I look at all my domains for ones to sell I can’t bring myself to get rid of any as I see potential in them all :S


  1. Looks like a good system and I’d certainly be interested in it if you package it together into a saleable plugin/system

    Do you not even through a 1 pager up on your new domains to build age?

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    Cheers Jon, not yet no, I should do really considering that’s what I also tell some people to do 🙂

    I’ll get on to textbroker right away 🙂

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    Textbroker? I’m a content writer you know! 😉

  4. Some very helpful links at the top. Compare sunglasses looks great, wish I could make something like that. Lasvegashotels looks like a great catch, i’ll be keeping an eye out that to see how you develop it 🙂

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    I can’t afford you 🙂 Been using a few on Textbroker for a while now that’s all 🙂

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    Cheers Mark, I quite like the Vegas one, might give me an excuse to again for ‘research’ purposes 🙂

  7. Wow, looks like a fantastic system Darren – will be good to hear how it works out for you! Are you going to be replacing your storeburst/price tapestry sites with this from now on?

    One more Q… How did you go about writing the spec for this for a developer? Did you give them detailed docs, or just a list of the features you wanted? Guru/eLance/oDesk kind of contractor, or decent UK one?? 🙂 (ok, so that’s 2/3 questions!)



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    Cheers Rich, Any sites I’ve got on Price Tapestry at the moment I think I’m going to leave as they are, I’d be too scared to move them all onto the new system, any sites I have on Storeburst will probably come on to the new system.

    Basically I just said what I wanted to be able to do, no detailed spec, just I want to do this, this, this and this and fit it into this design, then when the core of it was done I kept thinking up other things I wanted within it and they kept getting added, I use a contractor in India, UK would be too costly 🙂

  9. Yeah – moving them when they are currently ‘working’ wouldn’t make much sense at all! Storeburst is understandable – domains have the potential to do so much better (as long as you put the work in 😉 ).

    Ahh cool – glad they managed to work out what you were after! I’d always be a bit hesitant in them coming back with something a bit different to what I’d said, but certainly seems like you got what you were after.

    Good luck with the new system – you’ll have to keep us all updated 🙂

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    Nah as long as you make sure they understand at the beginning exactly what you want then it’s fine, if not then make them do it right afterwards lol 🙂

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    It looks great. Let us know when it goes on sale 🙂

  12. Darren,

    Any chance this kind of system is up for sale? e-mail me if interested 🙂

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    I have been toying with the idea of making it available but then the admin area needs tidying up, instructions made and the support, I’m no coder so I’m not sure it would work so well and people would always have questions I couldn’t technically answer 🙂

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