How another Niche Site did in 2011

In February I bought five adult toy sites for £700, one of those was Magic Wand Vibrator

It took me a few months to transfer the sites to my own hosting and also transfer the affiliate links to my own so the sites were probably up and running around the end of March, so I’d say they have had 9 months of making me income, I’ve actually done nothing to these sites other than changing the affiliate links to my own and a tiny bit of on page SEO.

Magic Wand Vibrator has made £801.22 in 9 months, this is a keyword that Google Keyword Tool only shows as having 320 exact match local searches, proof again that you don’t need high exacts to make a bit of money!

In total those five sites have made £974.83 in the 9 months they have been up, so it seems it wasn’t a bad investment after all.


  1. Very nice Daz! The agency I work for manages an online sex toy shop, so plenty of keywords are available to monitor via analytics, just not sure if this is a niche I want to get into.

    Keep up the good work. It’s obviously working! =)

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    If you don’t want them, I’ll have them 😉

  3. Great investment Darren and good on you for sharing. Not a site I can visit or develop myself whilst at work lol – shame!

  4. Good work for a keyword with such low exact searches and it shows there are lots of great keywords which pay well if you rank and convert well.

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    Yeah not bad, I think the thing with the adult toy market is people are more likely to buy online than go into the shops so in my eyes it’s a great market 🙂

  6. Again Darren, thanks for sharing with us! Always a good inspiration. Just wish you posted more! 🙂

  7. Nice one Darren, well done. You’ve given me hope for my sites haha.

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    Cheers Mark, you should easily make this kind of money with yours 🙂

  9. Good results there Darren. We have a cake tins website that has some penis shaped cake tins from love honey. It’s always nice to see a sale for these go through as often people must be adding additional items to their baskets ;o)

    Were any of the sites a complete dud?

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    Haha I’ll check those cake tins out! 🙂

    All the sites have made sales and have potential to make more than they have done, it’s just fitting them in.

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