Installing multiple WordPress to one database

If, like me, you have a restriction on the amount of SQL databases you can have on your hosting then this is a little tip that I had trouble finding out when I wanted to create more WordPress sites.

I have a restriction of 15 databases with my 1&1 hosting account, I started to look around for a new host but didn’t really fancy moving all my domains as it would be a bit of a nightmare, so this is the solution.

In your wp-config.php file you can change the prefix of the tables that are created, the default is ‘wp_’ so you can change this to anything else, for example ‘ps_’ or ‘sq_’, this will enable multiple installs of wordpress on one database.



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    Ahh, handy! Cheers for the quick tip 🙂 Will certainly save effort in setting up extra DBs and then it’s also easier when backing up!

  2. I’ve just moved my hosting over to heart internet. reseller package is really cheap and has unlimited databases. best hosting i’ve had yet.

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    Heart Internet are the ones I would change to if I did, but I don’t really want to pay for two hosting accounts at once and moving 120 odd domains at once doesn’t sound like fun either 🙂

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