January 2012 Earnings Round-up

No not mine, but everyone elses, I thought I’d make a post showing who’s earning what around the web!

These are all from either blogs I like to read or have come across their income reports via Twitter RT’s. It’ll also probably be useful to these affiliates to show them how well they are doing against others as well as making people aware of others who are trying to make a living online.

Because I’m in the UK I’m going to list the figures as GBP and as far as I’m aware these figures are gross income.

Pat – £39,583 (WOOF!)
Matt – £15,552
Spencer – £1459 (Not all sites)
Tom – £1187
Alan – £876
Joe – £745
Adem – £430

If you know of any more please do leave a comment so we can check them out too 🙂


  1. For a moment I thought we were going to see your earnings!

    It is good to see what others are earning although we can all only wish to get somewhere near Pat’s income!

    I’ve not been doing much this month online and sites have been ticking along so I don’t expect much change in this month’s earnings, but I did buy about 10 domains that I hope to develop sometime in the future.

    How’s your month been?

  2. Good idea. You should do a league table and follow it through the year!

    Shame mine is so low, I remember the good old day (October 2011) when I made £1800 in one month. Seems like a life time away now!

    Imagine earning nearly £40k a month! Doesn’t bear thinking about…

  3. avatar

    My month’s been ok, January was slow, well I thought it was slow but still a decent amount, February much the same, I haven’t done much to any sites this year so I need to pull my finger out if I want to make more.

    £40k a month would just be incredible, jesus £15k would be too! 🙂

  4. And this is the reason I don’t do income reports – at least I’d stop Adem from being in bottom place 🙂

    Thanks for the aggregation of posts Darren – it’s a good idea. Following on from Joe’s idea of a league table; you could do it based on overall %age change throughout the year, rather than actual amounts, as Adem has a long way to go to beat Pat, for example.

  5. avatar

    I may keep it up to date, not sure yet, adding a percentage increase is a good idea cheers Rich! 🙂

  6. No probs! You should keep it up – if it gains traction and you end up adding more online income reports then it could be good link bait!

  7. I would be happy for £1k a month in non ppc traffic.

    I have seen it slow across all verticals, even on PPC its died its death this month and last month.


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