My first price tapestry site

Following on from my last post about using price tapestry I’ve finally finished my first site using it.

The site is Mens Polo Shirts, Price Tapestry was easy to work with and integrate into the wordpress pages, the support from David at Price Tapestry is exceptional, any questions I asked were answered quickly and most often with amended php pages to enable what I was trying to do.

To celebrate the launch of the site I am running a competition to win a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, anyone is welcome to enter 🙂

Now the next stage is to get it making money!


  1. Looks great, hope it does well 😀

  2. Yeah I second that – does look good! Would be good to see some results in 3/6 months time, to see how you’re getting on.

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    Cheers 🙂
    I will look to do an update after the summer with how it’s got on.

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    Which WP theme did you use for that site?

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    It’s one of the StudioPress themes

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    Cheers, thanks

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    To add, would be great if you did a post as to how you integrated Price Tapestry and WordPress!

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    If I get some time i’ll try and do that, it isn’t that difficult really, you basically install the price tapestry ‘store’ into a seperate directory then use calling code in the posts to display the results you want

  9. Looks good Darren, although I’m getting a login message saying ‘Authentication Required’ on this page:


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    Thanks Greg, last night I had protected the directory that holds the main shop and wondered if this would happen, was it ok on other pages?

  11. Looks very nice.

    Has almost convinced me to give PT a try.

    Just got a few loose ends to tie up first.

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    Hey Darren. It’s been a couple of months now since you posted this – how is PT working out for you? Would be interested to hear the results!


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    I’ve only just started to use PT on a new site, but have plans to use it on a few more, it’s pretty easy to set-up a second time. As for the Polo shirts site, well it’s made a few sales, nothing too exciting yet, it’s getting around 30-50 uniques a day at the moment so hopefully the next couple of months it picks up! I’m snowed under at the moment then off to America for 3 weeks so hopefully i’ll put together a post about how I used PT with WordPress when I get back

  14. Cool, looking forwards to it 🙂

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    Just another vote for a post about integrating PT with WP. I think getting feeds in to WP is something a lot of us are wanting. A good post explaining it might be link bait itself 😉

  16. Perhaps you could answer a question… the one thing that has always put me off buying price tapestry.

    Say you import 10 feeds, each has some products the same as other fees, like your polo shirt site.

    Do you have to link each of those up manually? Say one site has “Sony ABC123 White TV” and the other has “Sony White TV – ABC 123” and the next has “White Sony TV – ABC/123” how would it know they are all the same product?

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    Shane, there is a ‘product mapping’ feature within the admin panel for Price Tapestry which enables you to do that, but basically yes you do have to do it manually unfortunately.

  18. Too bad I guess. I have a very basic script which I created which will do everything I need that PT does but means me linking all the procuts up – didnt know if PT had found a “magical” way around it – wouldnt have minded shelling out the £200 then. I guess if it was automated you would end up with a lot of products linked which are not the same though…swings and roundabouts a I guess. I just dont fancy looking through 10 feeds of hundreds of products linking them all together.

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    Yeah I wish there was some magic formula too, (without spending a fortune) I had a custom comparison thing done on my compareagift site but still then there are some that don’t exactly match or adds ones I don’t really want in there

  20. Another thing you may missed is security, took me a second to find you admin panel

    I can basically change the links with my affiliate ID and more..

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    Cheers, it’s not my site any more, I sold it, however when I did have it the admin area was password protected.

  22. That’s a really great site (yeah somebody needs to get the admin panel password protected ASAP major security risk!!)

    I’m really impressed with PT script so far, am yet to try PT with WordPress, I’m actually creating a few templates which are mobile responsive just to offer a base for people, my first template is called ‘EZ Shopper’ I would love to hear what you guys think. I’m going to make a matching WP theme to go with it.

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