Not quite an affiliate site

I set this site up for two reasons really, 1. I love the show and thought it’d be good to have quotes from the show in one place, and 2. as a bit of an SEO play about.

The site is The Inbetweeners, if you are not aware of The Inbetweeners then part of the description from the Channel 4 website is: “The Inbetweeners follows four friends as they navigate the minefield of the Comprehensive education with their hormones at full blast. There’s vomit, offensive language, and a trip to Thorpe Park.”

So mainly I was looking to see how well it could rank, I never did any link building or anything else for the site, just the normal submit URLs to Google and Yahoo and within the first week the site was ranking page one of Google for the main terms I wanted which were ‘Inbetweeners’ and ‘Inbetweeners Quotes’, before long it was ranking number one for ‘Inbetweeners Quotes’ and still is, both on Google and Yahoo.

The site gets on average about 100 uniques a day, i’d say about 75% of those come from the keyword ‘inbetweeners quotes’, there isn’t much you can sell to do with the show other than DVDs so I just put up links to the DVD at Amazon and, to date it has sold around 20 DVDs so at least it’s paid for itself.

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