Nustone used our Instagram images for their product sales without permission

Quite simply this is just a post at the cheek of some companies just taking images and using them for their product promotion without a care in the world for decency.

In January 2018 we had just finished our extension build and we had spent ages finding the perfect paving for us and even though the budget had run out we didn’t want to lay just any paving just so we had a patio. So we found the extra to get exactly what we wanted, Blue Black Slate Paving from Nustone.

After we’d ordered I read some dodgy reviews about orders taking forever or not turning up so was expecting a stressful time of it but they turned up on time and we were really impressed with the paving so we only had good things to say about Nustone.

All through the build we had been running an Instagram account for our extension to keep a picture book for ourselves to look back over. We were always being asked where products were from so we learned to tag them in so we didn’t have to answer any more. Naturally we tagged Nustone.

At the beginning of September this year I’d noticed on Nustone’s page for the products we had bought they were using our images from Instagram. It was only our images being used to promote their product.

We sent them an email to stop using the images and seeking a refund of the order as these images were being used for commercial gain without permission.

Nustone replied a few days later with the following:
“I have spoken with our website/social team regarding the images. The feedback I’ve had is that there had been some communication with somebody on Instagram regarding the use of the images. In the event that this was not yourself or that you are no longer happy for us to use these, I have arranged for a member of the website team to replace them.”

We had not spoken with anyone at Nustone so asked for a screenshot of this communication. This was the last we heard from Nustone.

I followed up to this email with an invoice for usage of the images and they still couldn’t be bothered to respond. They also did not remove the images. They had also used the image on a blog post without permission.

I chased them up for a period of 6 days before sending a mail to the CEO. This had an effect in the fact that all the images were then removed from their website. But still no response despite chasing up again for payment of the invoice.

Product photography isn’t cheap. We didn’t get any discount or free products so to use the images without permission and then think it’s fine to just ignore us when we bring them up on it is poor.

It’s a shame as we quite liked Nustone and said we would use them again for any future projects. I can understand the bad reviews they have now.


  1. Hi Darren

    Such a shame about this – Did you read Instas terms? Im sure they used to claim ownership of all posts once they are posted on the platform not sure if thats still the case but that might be the leg that they hang onto…


  2. avatar

    Yeah we read into it and you can’t just take the images and use them yourself, without permission.

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