Sell Sell, Buy Buy!

I thought I would make another blog post, considering the last one was a long time ago and a few things have happened since then.

December has always been my best month of the year, October and November are close too but the final Xmas push has always seen me do ok, this year I wasn’t so sure how it was going to pan out considering my Adwords account had been banned earlier in the year so I’m relying on purely search engine traffic.

Fortunately I managed to make just as much as last year but this time there was no Adsense to take out of the profit so I’m happy with that, saying that I still would have preferred to make much much more! 🙂

In December I decided to sell off one of my Football Stadium Tour sites, it was one of my first proper affiliate sites and I’d say one of my favourites, it had over 3 years proven income and I thought if I managed to sell for a decent price I’d have money to inject into all the other projects I had and look for new ones.

The site sold the same day I put it up for sale, it went with another Stadium Tour site which was thrown into the deal.

It’s the first money making site I’ve ever sold, I was a bit apprehensive after it had sold, I’m not sure why, at one point it felt like that was all my affiliate income gone, which it wasn’t, far from it, but that’s how I felt, once I’d started looking around for new opportunities that soon went!

The first purchase I made was for, the domain was on Sedo so I made a bid, then it was put onto auction, don’t you just hate that! So bang went me getting it as cheap as I wanted, I did go a little over what I wanted to pay but I’d had it in my head that I was going to own it, I paid £1,451 for it, my ‘second’ max bid I’d given myself was £1,500 so I’m glad it stopped where it did, I love Cyprus and have been so many times, that’s why I wanted it.

I’ve registered a few other domains since, and bought a couple, is one I’m looking forward to developing, I wanted the but I wasn’t going to be paying €14,500 for it and I’ve ranked .net domains before without a problem so consider it a bargain at $209!

January 2011 has seen an increase in earnings from January 2010, with no Adwords, and also around 50% of January 2010 earnings was from the Stadium Tour sites I just sold, so all in all I’m pretty happy with the way things are going.


  1. Great purchase there Darren – nice and generic, and although it’s not a, it’s still a good extension (rather than a spammy .info or something!). Do you have any plans for development of it, or is it an investment domain?

    Nice work on the sales of the football stadium tour site too – I hope it was worthwhile enough for the financial and emotional attachment you had to it 🙂

  2. avatar

    I bought it to develop, i’ll get around to starting it soon, so many ideas for it I’m wondering how it’s all going to fit! 🙂

  3. Haha always the way. You’re a step closer than me however, as I seem to be able to think up the ideas but then don’t implement them 🙂

    I’ve got 3/4 sites on the go at the moment, all sapping my time, so I can’t work effectively on one. Think I should cut back and re-assess the situation 🙂

    Looking forwards to seeing your plans for the development of the domain!

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    Yeah I’ll have to pull my finger out soon as I’ll be working just 3 days a week in my day job, exciting times maybe!

  5. And scary! You making the move full time to affiliate work?

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    No, it’s a forced move unfortunately but it’ll give me more incentive to work harder on affiliate work, then hopefully I wont have to find another real job.

  7. Fingers crossed it all works out for you mate!

  8. Hey Darren, are you going to Thinkvisibility at all?

  9. avatar

    No I’m not, I don’t tend to know these things are going on 🙂

  10. Haha I think I only do because I spend so long reading affiliate blogs and not enough time doing actual affiliate work 🙂 Tickets are still available – you should go. Would be good to meet some people I’ve spoken to but not met!

    Nice post about your White TV site too!

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