Smart Polish Pro Review

On Instagram you get to see a lot of products being endorsed, which is how I came across Smart Polish Pro You can see their Instagram here.

I’ve always been a bit sceptical of waterless car washing systems before, always thinking how is it really possible, the dirt must scratch the car etc, but they had a few users pictures on their page and the cars looked pretty good, I went to their site to check it out and it wasn’t so expensive so I thought I’d buy some and give it a try, I went with the 1000ml Waterless Wash & Wax Formula which came with 2 Free Pro Micro Fibre Cloths at the time, at a cost of £24.99.

Once I received the product I was pretty eager to try it out but didn’t have much time, I wanted to see how it worked, I followed the instructions, which are:

1 – Spray Waterless Wash & Wax liberally onto your cars exterior body work panel at a time, and a small amount onto your Microfibre Cloth
2 – With Microfibre cloth only – wipe the Waterless Wash over the surface of your car with limited pressure
3 – It is also advised to use a 2nd microfibre cloth to help buff your car.

It’s not rocket science but I was always worried what if the dirt scratches the car, but it didn’t, I only did the boot of the car for a comparison the first time I used it.

Smart Polish Pro

A week later I had time to do the whole car, it doesn’t take too long, quicker than using water for sure, so I’m more likely to keep the car clean more often now, ultimately I will be buying this product again and again.

Here’s a couple of pictures after I’d finished.

Shiny! #smartpolishpro #carclean #bmwmsport #msport #bmw #e92coupe #e92 #carwash

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And a day later showing the beading once the rain had come , which is always typical after you give the car a good clean.

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