Giving Price Tapestry a go

For a while now i’ve been looking at Price Tapestry to make sites with, not just Price Tapestry but a few others that could be used to create affiliate sites, integrating with WordPress, and not just in a small niche area but one that needs a catalogue of products.

I use Easy Content Units for a lot of sites, sites that don’t require a lot of products or just for individual product price comparison, for this purpose ECU is amazing and I will continue to use it for that purpose, but I wanted something that could put a lot of products on a wordpress site, easily, and without having to sit there creating post after post after post and so on until I became so bored I shot myself, or something.

I came across datafeedr, which on the face it was like “BINGO” i’ve found it, but then there’s always this thing in my head about giving the customer a price comparison, I always think if you give them a choice of merchants and prices they are more likely to buy through one of your links than spend time searching the internet themselves, which is why i’ve opted for Price Tapestry.

I only signed up to it Wednesday evening but the installation process was painless and I have managed to load feeds into the basic store layout and it seems to work great, but I bought this to work with WordPress so it’s going to take me a while to get that perfected and i’m spending some time going through the forum seeing what other people have asked and what can be possible with it, I have actually managed to pull search results into wordpress but I now need to look at the layout options possible and I am not a coder so it could take me a while, the support from David seems fantastic and already i’ve got two adapted php pages from to work on.

I’m quite excited about getting this site set-up, I will make a post on it when it’s up and running, and like with most things I want it done asap so hopefully i’ll be making a post with the site pretty soon!