Our Experience with Zenith Home

As I work at home every day I get to deal with the multiple cold callers at the door every week, the ones that never just take no for an answer.

So one day there’s a knock at the door and the usual rubbish “I’m not selling anything” of course you are why else knock the door? The guy mentions about the fascias looking tired, I said I know we’ve already got someone coming to sort them out, which we have, and the guy says “but what if we’re cheaper” etc etc I tell him they wont be but he keeps on, said someone will just pop round, measure up and give us a free quote for 2 years, to get rid of him I said fine, then he says it has to be when my wife is home, ok that evening will do, also asks if there is anything else we wanted quoted on because he gets £5 for every appointment, I tell him no and off he goes.

Five minutes later I get a call to confirm everything from his boss who sounded like he was roaming the streets, then another call a bit later from someone in an office. Overkill maybe.

6.30pm comes and a couple of guys in suits arrive, I’m thinking “Jesus you’re only here to measure up, give me a price then bugger off”.

The guys were here for 3.5 hours! Going through the product, full on sales talk, their ridiculous finance option, it also included their embarrassing calls to ‘head office’ about discounts, then telling us we were number 8 of 10 in the area for the portfolio, they already had 7 others signed up in a couple of days so we need to get in quick, seriously I’d be embarrassed to keep doing that, I feel more sorry for the people that fall for it too.

“We’re building a portfolio in the area, we are after 10 properties to go in our portfolio and you will get discounts for agreeing to go in the portfolio, extra discount for a board outside your home” etc etc all the normal crap, £1500 off for taking our finance package. They were talking about the finance package, the way they compare the interest is extremely dodgy, saying loans can range from 8% up to 39% and talking about payday loan rates, then saying theirs is only 2%, I pulled him up on that asking him if that was per annum, no of course it wasn’t, it was per month on the outstanding balance. Also they couldn’t do a good deal for cash payment, no discount, nothing.

Anyway, they go through the whole process, start asking if you like the product, and if the price is ok is there any reason why you wouldn’t say no that day, in theory there isn’t, so I said no, but also we wont be saying yes today because we will think about it in our own time and not when they want us to. He kept trying though, wouldn’t show us the discount price and left us with a quote for £8700, for fascias and guttering. He even made a phone call and just said “I’m calling to hand back the discounts” seriously?! pretty embarrassing.

I said to him you’re not going to turn us away if we phone up the next day and say yes and we want the discount price, he was insistent that they would not give us the discount price any other day, as they will fill the portfolio etc, so I told him we’d take that chance and there are plenty of other companies we can go to. Eventually they left.

Yesterday we received a letter from them saying they are still looking for properties to complete their portfolio, offering us the work for £3100 if we took their finance package or £3400 for cash. What can I say.

The sales process is way too long and over the top, if I had known they were going to come round and spend a tedious evening with us I’d never have agreed to it, I’m one of those people who just wants someone to come, look, measure and give a price, all within 10 minutes, I dread to think how many get suckered into paying over the top for things like this.

I’ve just looked up some reviews on Zenith Home online, my favourite being:
“the man came round my house and was on my toilet fo 30 mins and he left skids on the bowl the dirty basterd”