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    I keep checking back here for new posts, so instead of being a lurker, I thought I’d comment and say Hi, and that your posts make for an interesting read!

    Good work on the gift from Buyagift – good to see that they take car of their affiliates!

    Look forwards to reading more 🙂

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    Thanks Richard, it’s the 3rd year now I’ve received something from buyagift, some merchants don’t even send a Christmas card, maybe i’m not selling enough to get one 🙂

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    I’ve had a card from one network, albeit a small one, even though I made no sales for any of their merchants! Still, shows them in a positive light!!

    I’m still very much trying to work out what works and what doesn’t in AM, so got a way to go before I get Christmas gifts! 🙂

    How do you promote Buyagift? Through a content site or ??? 🙂 not asking for a specific example!


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    Yeah I promote them through a few content sites, they are pretty niche and make the majority of my affiliate income 🙂

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