The connection to your opponent has been lost – FIFA 16 Online XBOX One – FIX

Opponent Lost FIFA 16 Xbox One
You’ve loaded up FIFA 16 all ready to play your friend online using online friendlies, you accept their invite or you accept theirs and then you get the error message “The connection to your opponent has been lost.” really really annoying, you try a few more times and still no luck, you restart the xbox or the router to get it to work, a lot of time messing about checking the connection and network statuses, NAT etc.

Here’s a simple fix that works every time for me, when this error happens, press the Xbox button to show the home screen, then press the menu button and scroll down to quit, re-launch FIFA 16 and you will be able to connect to your friends without an issue.


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    Tried it mate, still not working…and what pisses me off is the fact that i did play with my friends before….

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    I agree, it’s annoying when one minute it works and the next it doesn’t, without any logic to it.

    Unfortunately this isn’t always the solution, it’s the one that works for me, even today I still have to do it sometimes, I check the network connection, check the multiplayer connection and all say they are fine, NAT is open/moderate etc, wasted about 40 minutes pissing about before doing all that.

    Only once the quit and restart didn’t work, but I did it again and my friend did it and it worked.

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