White TV’s 2010 and misc stuff.

I know it’s almost March but I thought I’d report the final figures for 2010 for the White TV niche site, the trend continued since the October YTD update and the final profit the site made was £2215.43.

An increase of just under 100% on 2009, so if I’d actually sold it for the £2k figure I was looking for last March the new owner would have pretty much made their money back without even doing anything to the site, luckily for me I pocketed the money instead, it works out at an average profit of £184.62 per month. 🙂

I am in the middle of actually making the site into a WordPress site, and will actually make it a lot better in terms of the comparison prices with individual posts for each TV and hopefully it will increase sales.

The site received an average of 2,957 unique visitors per month, the highest income came from Amazon at £1172.71 followed by eBay at £548.15.

This is from a keyword with just 1,900 local exact match on it, when I see people answering questions negatively about if you can make money from a site/product with so little exacts it makes me laugh, it all depends on what the product is, one of the sites I sold just before Christmas only had exacts of 880 but made £3k every year.

I’ve set up a little group of Niche sites since January too, babydolls/org.uk which sits top of Google for ‘babydolls’ already likewise with babydolldresses/org.uk which sits top for that term too and babydollnightwear/co.uk which is sitting in second, as you can imagine it was quite pleasing on the eye making those sites, they are seriously thin sites for now and have made sales so I can’t complain.

I’ve got a to do list with about 4,342,101 things on it, I’d love to post more often about how to do certain things and make this blog a bit more interesting but 1) I feel so busy and 2) I don’t do anything groundbreaking that you haven’t already read elsewhere 🙂


  1. Wondered how this had been going since you offered it for sale! Do you have plans now to keep it or are you going to try and sell it again?

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    I’ve no plans to sell it at the moment, I’m quite happy keeping this one trudging along.

  3. Don’t blame you Darren, so much better to have a nice steady trickle of income that requires little / no work to generate! Good luck!

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    Now that’s what commitment is all about. It is nothing but a pure example of what we can do even when everyone oppose the idea. I personally feel that Google Keyword Tool is helpful enough to give you “some indication” about the traffic/competition but there are exceptions too. Searching for the keyword of one of my website, it displays very less numbers but one of the sub-keyword generates 5x traffic.

    Anyways, just wondering if all the money has come from the SEO traffic or was it PPC too? Also, ebay pays per click, isn’t it?

    All the best!

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    Amit, it’s all SEO traffic, I don’t use PPC for anything these days, and yes eBay pays per click now.

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    That’s a good sign, Darren. I’ve had a quick look at the website and amazed to see the profits you are making from it as it doesn’t seem to have those product related pages, user reviews, specifications blah blah blah…

    Not sure, but have you tried switching eBay to AdSense and noticed any difference?

    Good job done mate!

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    Yeah I suppose it’s because it is pretty ‘niche’ that it’s getting the clickthroughs to sales. At the moment I’m re-doing the site to include individual product pages with specs etc so maybe that will increase sales too.

    I’ve not tried switching to Adsense, mainly because the eBay part actually shows TV listings and that could be why people are clicking through, if it was me and I saw Adsense as opposed to eBay listings I wouldn’t be clicking through.

  8. Are you worried at all that the site will lose the traffic/income by switching away from what is now a proven formula?

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    Not really no, the site is basically going to be the same but just adding individual pages of the tv’s which I think can only help the site, and also adding things like tv stands which people have bought at the same time as the TV’s anyway, I haven’t really thought about losing traffic, I’m obviously hoping it’ll still sit top of Google and being on WordPress I don’t think it’ll drop.

    You can see that it’s not dissimilar here http://www.bedazzle.co.uk/whitetv2/

  10. Hey Darren, can I ask a quick q? Obviously there’s not a lot of content on the white tv site – so how did you get it ranking so well? Did you do article marketing etc to get backlinks? I’ve got a couple of sites that just aren’t getting any visitors, despite decent exact match domain names etc!

    The new site does look pretty nifty too!

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    When I first put the site up there was a lot less content, then I had some content written for the homepage and each additional page, then it moved to top of Google, no backlinking at all, so I can only put it down to being pretty niche really.

    Which sites with exact match are you having problems with?

  12. Ahh that’s pretty good then if you can get away with no backlinks at all! Your on-site SEO must be pretty good then really! I’m having problems with a football stadium tours site, but never mind, will keep plugging away at it 🙂

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    I’m an expert with football stadium tours 🙂

    Send me an email if you want me to take a look

  14. That’s pretty awesome for the traffic stated! I notice the .org.UK site is just below yours! Wonder how much that site makes! Would be nice if you owned both aha! 🙂

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    “Amazon at £1172.71 followed by eBay at £548.15.”

    Is that per month or year?

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    Per year, I wish per month 🙂

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