White TVs 2011 – Niche Site Income

I thought I’d do a little post on how the White TV site did in 2011 as it’s one of the sites I’ve posted about it’s earnings before.

For 2011 the site made a bit less than 2010, unfortunately, but still a decent amount for a little niche site, £1706.40 was the income for the site, a site which I probably updated about 6 times at the most throughout the year!

The average unique visitors per month was up on 2010 (2,957) at 3,018, Amazon was again the highest earner with £934.73 and Ebay bringing in just £305 this year.

In the post about 2010 earnings I mentioned I was in the middle of turning the site into a WordPress site, well I still am, to be honest I haven’t touched it since I mentioned it, it’s on the to do list as I’m sure it could make more than it does and should’ve in 2011 but priorities have been elsewhere.

So this post is just to show small niche sites can make small regular incomes still, for the 3 years I’ve had this site it’s made me £5057.12, not bad for a site I haven’t had to spend more than probably 1 day on 🙂


  1. That’s a great income and surely helps having high pricing items on the site.

    I’m just getting into affiliate sites after focussing on AdSense so I’d love to have a site as successful as this. Nice work.

  2. Great stuff Darren considering amazon only have a 24 cookie you are converting quite well although could you be leaking potential sales. One of my first sites again I haven’t had to touch still regularly makes quite a good amount for such a small niche. If they are quick wins and don’t take too much effort then niches are worthwhile.

  3. As always Darren, inspirational! It’s nice to see that a site with effectively no work is still earning you around £150 a month.

    That’d pay for half the lease cost of a nice car ( such as an A5 😉 ) each month 🙂

  4. Great stuff Darren. I’ve had a long difficult couple of weeks preparing for a job interview. I’m now crashing out from exhaustion after said interview and your post really boosted my spirits. Good luck to you for 2012!

  5. avatar

    Cheers guys, it’s always nice to see small sites can make money, if I can do it anyone can 🙂

  6. Nice post Darren. I have only ever had ‘small niche’ sites and almost always made SOMETHING but only recently did I actually mange to start earning good money.

    I’d still like to have a portfolio of 20 different niche sites all doing £1000 a year. It’s a nice stream of passive income and I’m ALL for income generating assets these days; which brings me nicely onto Richard’s comment about the A5…

    Don’t do it, man! Reinvest your profits until you are making enough each month to BUY an A5!!!

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