You can make some money from small Niches

Quite often you’ll see people asking on forums how many exact searches is enough to make money, the answer is not as straightforward as some think, it depends on the niche, the commissions available the competition to rank and also how much you are happy to be making.

There’s those that won’t get out of bed unless they are making tens of thousands from a site and there are those who would be happy with a few hundred and if you’ve got a few of those sites making a few hundred or more then that can add up nicely over the year.

So the point of this post was to just show a few of my smaller niche sites with exact match domains and the kind of exact searches they get and how much they have made so far this year (Jan – Sept 2011), unfortunately I’m not going to name the sites as it’ll be like shooting myself in the foot, I don’t want the competition, but i’ll tell you the industry 🙂

Niche Income

For me I’m happy with these kind of figures, mainly because I don’t rely on Affiliate Income to live, and the fact these sites don’t require much attention to them, small sites like this can cover a lot of your household bills and cover the cost of some nice treats too.


  1. Nice Post and thanks for sharing Darren. Some good achievements there from small volume searches.

    I find sometimes the searches don’t reflect a true picture, but do give a general idea.

  2. Hi Darren

    Where do you get the “exacts” number from – Google Adwords Keyword tool, or somewhere else?

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    Graham, yes from the Adwords tool, it’s the only one I really know of.

  4. Darren – thank you for sharing this. It’s quite inspiring really, and really shows that Tesco are ultimately right… “every little helps”. The small numbers soon start to accumulate up into something quite substantial!

    What kind of sites do you have on these domains? Do you build just a few pages, or big sites?

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    Cheers Rich, half of those sites are 1-5 page WordPress sites only one of them is different in that it has Price Tapestry integrated within WordPress, the other half are normal html sites, all use Easy Content Units to display the products too.

  6. Nice to see some great earnings there 🙂 I recently started to try and develop some decent affiliate sites. I was just wondering, the ones mentioned here, have you done much in terms of SEO and link building with them?

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    Emma, out of all those sites I’d say only one has had any backlinking done, that’s the 3rd one down (furniture) that one actually flits between position 1/2 quite often, all the rest have had either none or just some forum profile links thrown at them back when forum profiles did a job.

    I like to think I concentrate a lot on getting the on-page SEO right and believe if that’s done right then not only does it help niche sites rank well but it also massively compliments any linkbuilding work.

  8. Thanks for the reply Darren. Interesting to see that ‘small’ sites still work, post-Panda! Or have earnings/rankings dropped off since then??

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    Well as you can see they are all still ranking 1/2 mostly, these sites never even moved during all the panda stuff, only one of them has gone from 1/2 (2nd Adult Toy site) and I’ve managed to get it to the top of page 3 again, I will do some work to that to hopefully push it back to page 1, when it was near the top or top of G then it was making money too so I hope it does come back!

  10. Nice work Darren, could you share if these sites are, or some other TLD?

    Best wishes


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    Ty, they are a mixture of and, the biggest earner of those listed is a

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    Hi Darren

    Interesting read – thanks for sharing. Which WordPress theme do you find the best, thus far, that converts?



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    Mike, most of my WordPress themes are custom made, for these kind of small niche sites I like to keep them simple, I don’t really do any conversion testing either.

  14. Quick question for you Darren… Of the domains in this example, are they singular or plural domains? Would be better than

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    Rich, of the 9 I listed only two of them are plural, this isn’t for any reason, just what was available or what had more searches according to GKWT.

    In my example the top earning domain is a plural, it ranks top for plural (1,000 exacts) and 3rd for singular (1,900 exacts), and regarding traffic it gets 23% from plural and 20% from the singular, I better try and get it top for the singular now, thanks 🙂

  16. Haha no problem, always good to give a little something back 😉

  17. Darren,

    Those are great figures for smaller sites so well done sir, why not use that money to expand even further? I am specifically looking for sites where I dont have to put in too much work but keep getting regular commissions.

    Kind Regards


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    Hi great post here Darren.
    I’m still trying to work out what domains are good to use when building your first website. I am thinking of registering a /me/uk name which according to google keyword stats gets around (3000 exacts monthly searches) but I am not sure if it would rank well. Do you think the me/uk domain names are worth the hassle?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Mario, thanks for popping by 🙂

    I don’t own any domains, for no reason other than personal choice, I have seen some’s rank well but I don’t really see very many in the SERPS, I’m sure they could rank just as well as any others as long as link building is done, that’s the important bit 🙂

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    Thank you for the info Darren! Much appreciated 🙂

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